The ceiling plain. It’s often the ignored facet in a room. Floors get clothed with lavish tiles and rugs, walls are festooned with panelling and decorative papers. And what of ceilings? They’re considered such a step child. There even exists a bland paint color called simply “ceiling white”. Poor, distant and untended ceilings. The Cinderella of surfaces, never invited to the ball. Being so far above the visual scope of our experience, why should one bother slathering it with expense or foster aplomb?

We, on the other hand, feel just the opposite. The ceiling is the culminating acme of any room and should be given its due. That’s why we often forsake wall adornments and choose instead to lavish our design attentions above.  What with windows, drapery and artwork, walls are busy enough.  Ceilings can be beamed, planked, groin or barrel vaulted, trussed or lacquered – the architectural palate is endless. These surfaces are elevated and should be treated as such. Look upward. Heaven awaits.



McStay-rescanforVeranda004kentner-00212 the talent of bobby McAlpine

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